Chorus Frog Farm

Chorus Frog Farm is a small, family-owned collaborative farm perched on the edge of Anderson Valley. After initially growing medical cannabis for licensed dispensaries, we recently acquired a cultivation permit and have begun to establish a boutique cannabis garden on this lovely sloping acreage.

As the Chorus Frog collective, we are united in our devotion to old-school organic and biodynamic farming techniques. We grow strictly from seeds and directly in the earth, raising our plants in deep, organic-rich soil. As we aim for long-term productivity and sustainability, we enhance our cultivation beds with biochar, thereby sequestering carbon and ensuring nutrient availability for years to come. By maintaining healthy, deeply rooted, carefully pruned, and well-spaced plants, we minimize pest damage without having to use pesticides. Scattered though our cannabis patch are numerous companion plants, such as yarrow, lavender, and dill, which attract beneficial insects and generate greater biodiversity. We also hang satchels filled with predatory mites on each plant several times during the growing season. As a result, we never have to spray.

Our farm specializes in unusual and flavorful cannabis strains that are being bred to match local conditions. Most of them have been developed by Equilibrium Genetics, a small-scale, local seed firm noted for its quality cultivars. We have enjoyed particular success with Equilibrium’s Heirloom Malawi F1 hybrids, such as African Orange and Blueberry Malawi. We also grow several CBD-rich strains, such as CBD Glue Tide and Willy G. Lebanese.

We derive our name from the Pacific chorus frog, also known as the Pacific tree frog (Pseudacris regilla). We have a particular abundance of these small musical animals owing to our location near an old mudslide that is pocked with many small, seasonal ponds. All through the rainy season, the chorus of eager-to-breed frogs rings out across the landscape.