Pops Tops

Born and raised in Anderson Valley, I am proud to be a third-generation Mendocino County cannabis farmer. The name of my farm, Pops Tops, comes from the mid 1980s when my grandpa grew a few plants in a secret greenhouse attached to the chicken coop. According to family lore, the buds coming out of that greenhouse were the best around at the time. My uncle started calling it “Pops Tops” and the name stuck.

My dad had his own little greenhouse when I was growing up, and I grew my own first plant in 1996 when I was 16. I’ve been in love with cannabis ever since! In 2002, I was able to purchase a piece of property and register as a caregiver with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, allowing me to grow 25 medicinal plants. I really enjoy growing and I strive to produce cannabis of the highest quality and potency.

Pops Tops is a family-owned, small-batch, sun-grown farm. We put the natural health of the plants first, keeping in mind as well the health of the consumer and the environment. I feel we should keep this industry grass roots by supporting small farms and businesses such as our own. Our farm is one of thousands, but I can assure the consumer that we will never compromise quality for profits. Keeping it sun grown!