Hungry Hollow Farm

2018 marks the 40th year that I have been growing cannabis. Having been part of the growth of the industry since cannabis was called “homegrown” and “sensimilla” – Spanish for ‘without seeds’ – I feel a duty to carry forward the ideals and ethics practiced by the original back-to-the-land cannabis farmers.

My partner and I grow from seed only, under the sun only, using organic methods only and process our flower using hand trimming methods only. We specialize in sourcing and growing exotic strains that range from light, sweet sativas to heavy, complex indicas. We also dedicate a portion of our farm to growing CBD dominant strains in a variety of CBD:THC ratios to insure those with medical conditions have access to high quality cannabis.

Our small farm is located at an elevation of 1000 feet in the Anderson Valley, a uniquely situated region of Mendocino County that is known for an ideal climate for producing world-class wines and equally world-class cannabis. Our cannabis reflects 40 years of commitment to quality and craft… Our roots run deep.